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Fall Release 2023

I have been working with these sites for close to a decade now, hand on heart, the wines in this release are my best wines yet. -Ashley Holland


Grape growing//Winemaking//Wonder

A recent study revealed that the gravitational waves from the birth of the universe are echoing in the background of time and space today. This means that the entire history of the universe is part of our now. We essentially contain the signature of everything that has ever been...


When people ask me what I like about winemaking the most, my first answer is ‘the seasonality’. The reason is two fold for me. 


1.) The captivating WONDER of seasonality in the grape growing business. The best wines I make are grown, not made. Letting wonder drown out all the over stimulation we have day to day, helps me grow and make better wine.

Wonder is essential.

2.) As soon as I feel I have mastered something, it is over for the year. Beginning again a few seasons from now, albeit with a slight twist, leaving me an eternal student.


As children, each of us had a deep sense that the world is full of wonder. 

Fireflies, the way the sun would light up the sky as it rose, how the stars would twinkle at night, left us with a sense of awe. 


This sense of wonder is what drives us as farmers and creatives.


We believe that the earth is a wondrous place that deserves our respect and care.


We feel that our work helps to bring people closer to the wonders of the world around us. By enjoying a glass of Read Holland wine you are experiencing a little bit of the magic that makes the world such a special place.

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