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Hello friends, 


The time warp of harvest has me out the other side in awe. Awe of the transformation that takes place in the winery. 


The rhythm of people dancing to the beat of the seasons. Harvest is a portal we sink into and come out of realizing the year’s long light days have gone. The sun sinks into the Pacific early and us Northern Californians can finally catch a sunset lighting up days end. 


The summer fog evaporating into winter giving us a little light on the shortened days. The vines throw colors that rival the east coast show. When the first frost strikes the ground greens with the first fall of rain. 


The full tanks, extra hands, winery operating around the clock all stop. As if the first frost freezes us in time to vanish like the fog did at the coast. 


We welcome winter as a time to slow and reflect. 


I have thought about each one of you as I’ve made these wines. I think about bringing you joy. I hope to make your day better. I make these wines with the idea that I’m sitting next to you and having a shared moment. 


As lonely as I’ve felt this past year and a half I have kept the thought of this shared moment close. 


In 2020 I really wanted to pack it in. Fires kept coming and my life lessons felt extra rich in their teachings. I searched for answers, then realized they were right in front of me. The answer was to make something that reminded me of all the good. Something yummy and comforting. I said yes to making a late harvest Riesling as much as I wanted to say no. I told myself when you feel you want to close, open!! 


I said yes to making this late harvest with friends. Even bottled it after my second vaccine with tired muscles after a sweaty restless sleep. This Riesling was made with some of my very favorite people collaborating on it. The Riesling became the lesson. The why. It’s what wine is about so often. Harkening us to realize we aren’t alone even if we are distanced. 


The collective effort that makes magic. A shared experience by those involved in growing the grapes throughout the year, the culmination/day of harvest, the experience. This experience extends to the wine drinker that has a glass at the end of the day and to the group sharing the wine. 


Whether you are enjoying our wines in a quiet moment with your glass half full, or around the roar of togetherness with many a clink; I hope more than anything these wines bring you joy. 

Thank you for supporting Read Holland. 


My Best,


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